The Rise and Fall of French cuisine

This piece originally appeared on The Conversation. In the food world, one of the biggest stories of the last 50 years has been the waning

Just 24 Animals In Tiny Sweatshirts That Will Fill Your Heart With Joy

These little guys need sweatshirts for winter, too! #1. Phillip Island Penguin Foundation #2. #3. Eva #4. startwhite #5. MossyTortoise #6. improteon #7.

Professional Warns Against The One Piercing That You Should Never Get

It doesn’t matter what piercing you choose to get – there are always going to be risks of infections; it all depends on how well

This Woman Lost Thousands To A Nigerian Scammer. So She Put Him Through College And Changed His Life.

Maria Grette fell in love with what she thought was a 58-year-old Danish man she’d met online. But it turned out the 63-year-old Swedish woman

This Premature Baby Blessed Her Parents With The Most Adorable Smile At Just 5 Days Old

A baby girl named Freya was born to David and Lauren Vinje on Thanksgiving Day in 2014. BirthWithoutFear She may be just a normal toddler

Are you my (substitute) mother? A guide to picking your celebrity stand-in parents

Tea made from the nectar of sleeping babies couldn’t soothe me as much as listening to a two-and-a-half-hour interview with Alan Alda. This I realized

Leonard Cohen’s farewell masterpiece: Whether this is goodbye or not, “You Want it Darker” is powerful and real

For two decades now, Leonard Cohen has been experiencing an Indian summer with almost no match in any art form. Besides a very few exceptions

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