10 Zodiac Signs That Will Make Terrible Couples

8. Libra & Capricorn
Libra is very generous and can be a people-pleaser, while Capricorn can be obstinate about getting their own way, and even be a bit controlling at time. This can lead to a manipulative dynamic where the Capricorn may take advantage of the poor ol’ generous Libra, who will always give more and more without standing up for themselves. The emotionally open Libra will never fully reach the distant Capricorn.

9. Taurus & Leo
While Leos can be extroverts that love to hang in a crowd, a Taurus is good with being a homebody or just hanging out with a new friends. Finding a compromise between these two can be hard. Also, both signs have strong senses of pride, and find it difficult to apologize. Not great for fights. Homebody versus party animal isn’t usually a match in heaven – especially when you’re both stubborn.

10. Gemini & Scorpio
These signs might have great sex and make sense as friends with benefits, but are sure to break up. Scorpios can be pretty open and honest about emotions while a Gemini might not be as into the deep soulful, hours on-end conversation. Scorpios can be a bit possessive, and Gemini won’t want to communicate about the jealous fights that ensue.




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