10 Zodiac Signs That Will Make Terrible Couples

Destiny can be inevitable: sometimes, you meet someone and fall in love, only to find out that the very foundational traits about you are simply not comptable. How would one find this out in the beginning and save some grief? Checking out your astrological compatibility can actually make a huge difference in how successful your relationship can be – see what disasters to avoid here.

1. Aries & Taurus
Headstrong Aries will probably butt heads with stubborn Taurus who love to stick their tongue out and say they told you so. When you guys start a fight, sparks fly, and not in the good way. The passionate signs will end up in a messy break up with the Aries trying to ghost and the Taurus wanting never-ending explanations. Better to just avoid the whole thing.

2. Virgo & Libra
Libras find Virgos to be self-righteous and too serious, not wanting to indulge enough, while Virgos find Libras to be childish and annoyingly carefree. Opposites may not attract, in this case. Libras have a small, close-knit group of friends while Virgos can be more of the social butterfly type who doesn’t appreciate one-on-one time as much as you. Get used to third wheels


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